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Premium security + shade solutions

Urban Installs are your trusted service provider for quality perimeter security and superior cantaport solutions in Perth.

Security bollards

Retractable and removable bollards designed with security and functionality in mind.

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An affordable Japanese solution to adding a carport, garden shade, walkway shelter or terrace roof.

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Your security needs are our priority

Enjoy complete control of your security

Urban Installs recognise the growing need for trusted security solutions that meet your specific needs.

We install a premium range of strength and impact resistance bollards to ensure optimal security and peace of mind.

Choose from our range of security, architectural, industrial, retractable, lighting and high-security bollards. 

Consulting service

We offer a friendly and informative consulting service to ensure you find a custom solution for your security needs. 

Expert installation

Our experienced team has the technical expertise to install your security bollards safely and effectively and will project manage the installation. 

Servicing + support

We offer technical product support before, during and after your bollard installation and offer maintenance support as required.

Designer cantaport shade solutions

State of the art Japanese engineering

Cantaport is a modern, minimalist Japanese shade solution, perfect for providing shelter with a wide range of architectural styles and beautifully designed cantilever systems. 

Weatherproof + maintenance free

Enjoy shelter from the elements with weatherproof, rust-proof, maintenance-free shade solutions. 

Cantilever minimalist design

Create a shelter with fewer posts that obstruct your view and space. Cantaport’s modern Japanese design is functional and stylish.  

Highly versatile 

Design a cantaport shelter of any size for residential or commercial requirements. The unique cantilever system offers instant cover to car parks, shopping centres, offices, apartments, aged care facilities and transport stations.

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